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Waters of the Sanjan

Available in English and German (Die Wasser des Sanjan)

“Waters of the Sanjan is fiction based on fact, woven around the life of a known (Masai) warrior who lived at the turn of the century.  It is an historical novel and the events portrayed were not unusual in the life of a warrior of those times.  The customs and traditions are accurate; the places where events took place are real places and to date still go by the same name the Waters of the Sanjan, translated literally, Inkariak-oo-Sanjan, means “The Waters of Sweehearts”, and in fact is a place that lies to the North of the famous treeless undulating savannah known the world over as The Serengeti, and to the Masai as Sirinket. Isirinket are the people that lived in the now unique Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.

The author is perhaps one of the last lifelong European Tanzanian settlers, who possesses an intimate knowledge of the Masai. He has, since childhood mixed freely in friendship with both their children and the elders, and has had a unique opportunity to observe their way of life and customs.”                                                        

Geoffrey Cotterell , Tanzanian Affairs

Waters of the Sanjan is an accurate and admirable historic record of my people, recording their way of life at another point in time, yet not so very long ago.  And because not many truly authentic books have been written about us, it is, I think, a valuable record of a proud people that will enlighten the reader and allow him to glimpse another world.  He may, perhaps, shudder at the horror of some of the more violent sections, but he will emerge the wiser for knowing and

understanding a little of what our forefathers had to cope with , and what they suffered, not only at the hands of encroaching colonialism, but at the hand of nature; climatic disaster, diseases of man and beast and inter/intra tribal wars that were the norm and claimed with monotonous regularity the lives of many.”

Foreword from Ole Ntekerei Memusi

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English and German version available soon.