David Read

author, guide, farmer, soldier, father, grandfather and gentleman



Namasi, the shoe maker - How the Ndorobo are cleverer than the Masai

written by David Read

edited by Birgit Hendry

illustrated by Michael Mmbuji

Namasi, the shoe maker, is an authentic Masai legend, written for children. It tells the story of how the Ndorobo got to think that they are cleverer than the Masai.

The story is followed by some interesting facts about the Masai in East Africa.

Available on www.amazon.com

(square version) in selected shops in Arusha, Tanzania and from the author (rectangular version)

The author, David Read, spent most of his childhood with the Masai tribe in the famous wilderness area which is known today as the Serengeti.  David, speaking Masai fluently, is a treasure trove of information about the tribe’s history, legends, ceremonies and lifestyle. This legend is one of the stories he was told on his adventures in the bush as a kid.