David Read

author, guide, farmer, soldier, father, grandfather and gentleman



Barefoot Over The Serengeti, while recounting the adventures and tragedies that David experienced at that time, also gives and intimate insight into the lifestyle and customs of the Masai and their associated clans.  David takes the reader on an incomparable journey through wild Masailand, as seen through the eyes of a child.  It is a journey of discovery - not only of the natural wonders and wildlife that abound in this vast piece of African bush, but also of David’s own self.  The philosophies and lifestyle of the Masai opened David’s eyes to another world, and it is this world that he shares with us now as we travel Barefoot Over the Serengeti”.

Foreword by Steven James Jarrold-Foreman

“Barefoot Over the Serengeti is an enchanting and fascinating tale of a most singular childhood…..It is Read’s inexhaustible knowledge of the Masai that is the meat of this book. I learnt more about the Masai by reading Barefoot Over the Serengeti than I have from any of the countless scholarly anthropology tomes of colourful coffee table books written about them”.

Jonathan Taylor, African Footsteps Magazine 2009


“How many adventurous young lads dream about such a life albeit without all the hardship and poverty endured by David? It is a captivating story of a young lad being brought up in East Africa without the privileges available to most 'white' children."                                                                            J Maconie, New Zealand

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